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Party member to follow foreign husband to settle abroad
11:20 | 06/11/2015

(CPV) - Reader at email address: asked “I had the honour of being admitted to the Communist Party of Vietnam on March 24th, 2014. Currently, I’m still a probationary member and haven’t been recognized as an official party member. I am preparing the administration to marry a Korean man and I will move to the Republic of Korea (RoK) in December 2015. Please advise me on what procedures are required of me to have my full party membership officially recognized in the RoK.”


Point 2, Decision 127-QD/TW on November 3rd, 2014 of the PCC’s Secretariat on party member’s marriage with foreigner regulated “Party member who follows husband or wife (being foreigner) to settle abroad shall voluntarily apply for withdrawal from the Party. In case, the party member does not apply for the withdrawal, party organizations will consider removing his or her name from the party members list, or the party member was granted foreign citizenship (even still holding Vietnamese citizenship), the party organization will complete procedures to have his or her name deleted from the Party members list. Special cases will be decided by the PCC's Secretariat.

Because you will move to live in the RoK, you should voluntarily apply for withdrawal from the Party. The Party’s grassroots organizations will consider and report your case to the authorized grassroots executive committees to approve your withdrawal and will delete your name from the Party members list./.

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